Policing By Consent?

police brutality
This site has been created as a result of some police officers who seem to think it is acceptable to brutalise peaceful citizens. Citizens who simply wish to exercise their democratic rights to peaceful assembly and free speech. The shameful news blackout by the corporate owned media has made the need for this this site overwhelming.This page is mainly related to the US experience but other countries, including the UK are also included. Police behaviour is just one area I intend to cover, but it seemed the most pressing one at the moment, so it is the one I decided to start with.

I will be adding pages and hope to cover many more topics and areas in the coming months. If you have any articles or links or anything else that you think would be relevant, please do not hesitate to send them in. I would love to hear from you and would appreciate any input into what will remain a completely remuneration free enterprise.

At the end of each video you will be offered the option to "share" - please do share the videos if you can. The more people see them, then the more chance we all have of stopping the perpetrators of this unnatural behaviour.

Many thanks for visiting the site and Peace.


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Antony Bologna pepper spray police brutality
Anthony Bololgna

Seen here spaying pepper spray into the face of young women standing on the sidewalk. For an interview with one of the women assaulted click here : "Why I was maced at Occupy Wall Street." Another video of Jeanne Mansfield a minute before the pepper spray: Woman arrested on sidewalk. Also another video of him using pepper spray (See below).
For more info: Deputy Inspector Antony Bologna

university Davis California John Pike pepersprays students
Lieutenant John Pike

Davis University California. He was not following orders, if you listen you will see he is actually giving the orders. Please click here: for a video taken from another angle. For more info click: Lieutenant John Pike.This assault has caused outrage. Pike, another officer and the Police Chief Anette Spicuzza have been put on "leave." For info click: Police Chief Anette Spicuzza takes a paid holiday.

police brutality police beating
Dangerous Psycho

I don't know who he is, but he commits a serious criminal assault at 1.23 minutes into the film. He is still at large. He is suspected of hiding in the police force. Any information leading to his apprehension would be appreciated. The public are advised not to approach him as he is extremely dangerous

police shoot man in head rubber bullet
Unidentified Shooter

This "policeman" deliberately shoots a cameraman in the head with a rubber bullet.
The man repeatedly asks: "Is this ok?" before the officer (sic) shoots him. This "policeman" is highly dangerous. He is clearly capable of murder. Unfortunately the police are refusing to prosecute him, or even reveal who he is.

antony bologne pepper spray policeman nypd police brutality
Antony Bologna.

Deputy inspector of Police Manhattan South.
Here he is again, New York's finest. He was given 10 days leave, then moved to another area where he is now allegedly earning $150,000 a year.
For further info on this policeman please click here: Deputy Inspector Bologna and pepper spray

hilary clinton and barack obama lecture egypt hypocrites
I Am Not Moving

A stunning example of hypocrisy from Hilary Clinton and the elected president of the United States Barack Obama. Lecturing Egypt on the importance of human rights, free speech, free assembly, and the rights of a people to see their aspirations reflected in their government. It would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic.

occupy oakland police beat students
Occupy Oakland

Here the police start ramming their sticks violently into the stomach of a young woman. With clearly enough force to rupture a spleen, and cause very severe internal injuries. Yet the policeman was not arrested. There was absolutely no threat posed by the students. Again this is an absolutely clear case of assault.

marine scott olsen shot by police tear gas canister
Scott Olsen

Young Marine Scott Olsen, was shot in the head with a tear gas canister at Occupy Oakland. When some people tried to help him a policeman deliberately threw an explosive grenade at the helpers. Neither the policeman who shot him, or the one that threw the grenade have been arrested. Click this link to see Scott standing peacefully before he was shot.

g2o summit canada police brutality bilderberg group
Into the Fire

This is a full length movie that I would thoroughly recommend. World leaders and activists from around the world gathered for the G20 Summit. With over 19,000police officers and security personnel on hand, the results lead to over 1100 arrests, martial law in dowtownd Toronto, and the most massive violation of civil liberties in Canadian history.

ian thomlinson killed by pc simon Harwood
PC Simon Harwood.

Ian Thomlinson a newspaper vendor was unlawfully killed at the G-20 Summit protest 2009 in London. After a lying campaign by the police, and more particularly PC Harwood - who's outrageous falsehoods were subsequently exposed in court by indisputable video evidence. PC Harwood has finally been charged with manslaughter. He entered a plea of not guilty. His trial is set for the Old Bailey in June 2012.

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"This Is Not A Riot"

Taken at the G20 demonstration in Bishopsgate London. The crowd has brought tents, musical instruments and children. The police in full riot gear kettle them. The people begin chanting "this is not a riot" as the riot police start moving towards them. You can make your own mind up on the tactics of the police against its citizens. I just want to present the videos .

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Jennifer Fox

November 15 2011, the police attacked occupy Seattle with pepper spray. Including a pregnant woman named Jenifer Fox. Jeniffer has since said that she has miscarried. ( I am waiting for medical verification of this) It seems more and more clear, that peaceful protesters are met with violence, and chemical agents that were designed to protect a policeman's life from dangerous and violent criminals. Not from pregnant women and students who won't stand up when they are told to.

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