Agent Provocateurs and Police Agitatiors UK

police agent provocateurs
This film (and the graphic on the left) was made by an independent group of people called Agent Provocateur Watch. It came into my hands recently, and having viewed the video, I would have to say it raises several interesting questions. It seems to suggest that the police are now using unusual techniques to arrest and agitate demonstrators. In the video you will see, groups of plain clothes police grabbing protesters, affecting arrests, and apparently attempting to goad the placid crowd into violence. The video shows policemen in hoodies and jeans launching themselves at unweary protesters, and arresting them.

I would urge you to watch the video very carefully. You can enlarge the screen so as to see every detail. On the video you will witness a coordinated arrest on a protester who, as far as can be seen, is doing nothing wrong. He is grabbed swung around, clearly terrified, and throughout his intimidating arrest, offers absolutely no resistance whatsoever.

You will also notice a large man screaming abuse at the police (a force,it appears, he himself belongs to) in an attempt to "stir up" the crowd. The crowd is not stirred, it is entirely peaceful. But, should any one start joining in with the undercover policeman, then they will no doubt become the victim of a sudden arrest.

Please study the tape yourself, and decide if this sort of agitation is an acceptable form of policing. Is this the sort of police force we want? This is a question you should bear in mind as you watch the video. Even allowing for it's rather dramatic commentary, it raises some worrying questions.

The police are paid by taxes to serve the public; yet the he person arrested on this film appears done nothing wrong. When someone asks him why he is arrested he replies "I don't really know". It would be interesting to see what he was actually charged with.There is also I'm afraid something that looks very much like a police assault on whoever is holding the camera - remember filming in a public place is legal in the UK. Having watched this film the question remains, is this how we consent to have our society policed?

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