A Never Ending Debt

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A Criminal Enterprise - A History of The Federal Reserve.

Here are two videos they form part one and two of a brilliant series charting the history of the so called Federal Reserve in the US. It shows how it was created, how it has manipulated markets so that it's governors can make enormous fortunes as they crash the market (as was done in 1929). The Federal reserve is neither Federal, nor does it have any reserves. It is essentially a private company that prints money, manipulates markets, and makes a fortune for the small number of people that operate it. This film is essential viewing, and although made in the 1990's explains perfectly what has happened with the bailouts and bankruptcies of the present day, and why they are not only inevitable but to the 1% a desirable part of their self enrichment plan

Glenn Beck Exposes the Private Fed; Gets Fired by Fox

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