The 9/11 Truth

Having studied hours of footage of the events of 9/11 I can only conclude that there appear to be many unusual, not to say unexplained facts. I would invite you to clear your mind of any pre conceptions and Just watch the following films. There is a wealth of information about the incidents, and not all of it appears to tally with the official explanations. I will be adding a lot more evidence to this section in the future, but the meantime here are some excellent films on the subject. If you are new to this topic and would like to watch just one film, then I would recommend "This is an orange" it is only 2 minutes long and watching building 7 come down in what is quite clearly a controlled demolition, is often enough on it's own to start the process of "awakening".
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Loose Change

The most compelling of all the films. It covers entire topic of 9/11 in considerable depth and is very much recommended viewing.

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News - No Plane at Pentagon

A news report - only shown once, of the pentagon site immediately after the "plane" hit it. The reporter is quite clear in what he sees - no plane.

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Pentagon Crash

This video examines in some detail the pentagon crash. It appears to show that a passenger plane full of fuel could not have caused the damage to this building.

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9/11 Hijackers alive

Most of the "hijackers" were not hijackers. Also explains the real reason for the 9/11 false flag was to access trillions of dollars of oil reserves.

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Building 7

The controlled explosion of building 7 is self evident, in this film. It would be very hard to argue that this "demolition" could possibly have been caused by a few fires… In fact in the history of the world only 3 steel framed buildings have been brought down by fire, and all three were owned by the same man. and came down on 9/11.

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The Pancake Theory Debunked

This video completely debunks the "pancake theory" -the official reason for the remarkable collapse of 3 buildings due to fire. One of which was not even hit by a plane. The building clearly accelerates as it is demolished. This acceleration could only happen if explosives were used.

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September Clues

We all fell for the images we saw on TV at the time - the sheer horror of the proposed imagery generated a wall of outrage and fear. In hindsight, we can only wonder why so few questioned the absurd TV coverage proposed by all the major networks.

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9/11 Coincidences (8)

This film examines the extraordinary claim that fuel from an airliner can cause steel to melt. The evidence is very clear, the temperature that airliner fuel generates and the resultant fire can never be hot enough to cause the steel of the building to melt.

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9/11 Coincidences (9)

This film examines the some of the key players in the 9/11 event. Who they were and what happened to the building in the days before the so called terrorist attack.

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9/11 Best Documentary Ever

This is a great film. It conclusively looks at the absurd claims that the twin towers were brought down by heat. It then goes on to look at the claims the Pentagon was hit by a plane. It examines the film released by the Government and asks the question why is there no plane in the video.

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Who Knew?

A lot of people seemed to have prior knowledge of what was about to happen on 9/11. This video examines the evidence that this event was know to be about to happen well in advance

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Hidden Secrets of 9/11

This film is a based on a series of interviews with world renowned experts in various different areas ranging from engineers, architects and demolition experts. Their expert testimony is compelling.

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Dustification - How to Dissappear Completely

This documentary examines the strange phenomenon that is here being called "dustification". It describes how a million tons of solid steel girders and concrete turn to dust in mid air and completely disappear. No large chunks, no steel girders very little if any damage to surrounding buildings. How exactly did a million tons of steel and concrete turn to dust before it hit the ground?

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Mossad Truck Bomb on 9/11

Rare recording of Police radio from September 11th 2001. Police capture 2 Mossad agents caught delivering a Truck Bomb next to the WTC building in New York City. Even though they were caught by Police and arrested, they were then let go back to Israel by the BUSH administration.

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9/11 What Really Happened

Real explanations by witnesses who were THERE. and undeniable evidence from REAL engineers and demolition experts. You will see what happened and see those who have been lying to the world.

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Dr Judy Wood. Where Did the towers go?

In this speech Dr Judy Wood asks the strangely overlooked question - where did the towers actually go. Each of the twin towers represented over half a million tons of steel and concrete. Between them they were over a million tons. And yet the masses of steel girders and tons of concrete never "collapsed" as we are led to believe. Instead they actually "turned to dust" quite literally. How did this happen? There is an interview with Dr Julie wood on the video directly below this one.

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19/11 Experiments

This video features a series of experiments based around the collapse of the twin towers. The NIS report concludes that the heat generated by the plane fuel "Made a Collapse Inevitable" Surprisingly that is where the report ends. It makes no attempt to explain how a building comprised of 6"vertical steel girders and concrete and collapse vertically, directly through the line of most resistance. Not only did the buildings collapse vertically but they actually accelerated - something that can only happen if there is no resistance. The only way there could be NO RESISTANCE from vertical steel would be if it had been detonated.

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Dr Neils Harrit for 9/11 Truth

An interview with Dr Neils Harrit. This is a great interview with a very hostile BBC interviewer based around building 7.

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Directed Energy Technology

An interview with Dr Julie Wood author of Where did the towers go. This is a very interesting film, it shows that quite literally several massive buildings, the Twin Towers, Building Two (don't hear much about that one) building 7. Seems to almost literally disappear. There was an ambulance standing at the foot of the South Tower that was just covered in dust. Where on earth did these buildings go?… watch this film

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9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Part 1

A documentary suggesting that maybe the attack on the World Trade Center was not all it appeared to be. Part One analyzes the attack on the World Trade Center. Part Two considers the tragedy at Shanksville and the Pentagon

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9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Part 2

This documentary discusses the event on 911 in Shanksville and the Pentagon. An analysis of government data suggests a different explanation than commonly accepted.

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NIST Finally Admit Freefall

A documentary showing how NIST provided wildly incorrect data for their modelling of the collapse of building 7. Finally they had no choice but to admit it had fallen in free fall. Now how exactly could that happen?

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Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out

A film that features Architects, demolition experts and explosive experts all testifying that the all three buildings were brought down with explosives - highly reccomended.

Who Are The Prime Suspects?

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