A Slip of the Tongue

Careful what you say George…

Here are some interesting moments, when some famous politicians go right off the script. When it comes to something as criminal as 9/11, it is crucial you watch what you are saying. One slip of the tongue, one careless remark could result in a treason charge and possibly a death sentence. And Hopefully one day it will. Neverthless, in the meantime even with the danger of a war crime conviction hanging over their heads, some politicians just can't seen to get their stories right.
So…. here we have a series of slips of the tongue regarding 9/11. A bit like "You've Been Framed" but with slaughter as a backdrop: George Bush admits explosives were carefully installed in the twin towers. Followed by Donald Rumsfeld admitting that flight 93 was shot down. Then George Bush does a huge 9/11 lie which he repeats to a different audience. Then a 9/11comissioner says a missile hit the Pentagon, and finally Dick Chaney calmly admits ordering flight 93 to be shot down… Good grief! Anyone would thing they hadn't rehearsed it.
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Antony Bologna pepper spray police brutality
Bush Admits Explosives in Twin Towers

Bush says something truly amazing even by his own standards. He actually and clearly admits that explosives were planted with great precision in the twin towers. He clearly says the explosives were planted as just the right height to stop people escaping. An absolutely staggering admission.

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Rumsfeld says flight 93 was shot down

Donald Rumsfeld clearly states without any equivocation whatsoever that on september the 11th that the Shanksville plane, also known as flight 93 was actually shot down. That is exactly what he says. Why is he not under arrest?

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George repeats the lie

This is where we get a glimpse of Bush the Psychopath. He delivers the line "and I thought that is one terrible pilot" as if it were a joke. For a split second you can see the mask slip. He instantly realises his behaviour is inappropriate and modifies it. He is lying about the death of thousands. A classic psychopath

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Bush lies about 9/11

This video examines a lie George Bush repeats again in the video on the right. He claims to have seen the TV pictures of first the plane hitting the twin towers. Despite the fact this could not have happened. Because there is only one film in existence of the first plane hitting, and that was not broadcast until September 12. This Shows President Bush clearly lying about 9/11.

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Tim Roemer 9/11 Comissioner says missile hit the pentagon

Another strange moment, Tim Roemer a 9/11 commissioner out of the blue says a missile hit the pentagon. He immediately corrects himself. This mirrors something Donald Rumsfeld "I was at the other side of the building standing by my desk when the missile hit"

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Dick Chaney orders flight 93 shot down

Dick Chaney calmly and soberly discusses how it felt when he gave the order to shoot down flight 93. Yes listen very carefully that is exactly what he says he did.

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Liar Liar Middle East Is On Fire

Not so much a slip off the tongue here, more a series of outrageous screaming lies. Followed by lots of denials of having made the lie. Here, for the record, if sadly not the prosecution, A series of the most outrageous lies, that led to a truly monumental loss of life, and totally pointless suffering

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