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Police Urged to Investigate Osborne Tax Fraud

Reblogged from Vox Politica
What follows is the text of my complaint to the Metropolitan Police (via their website)  about George Osborne’s paddock scam. I have received a large volume of responses to my article about this yesterday, all but one of which agreed with my belief that what he did was a criminal offence and should be investigated with a view to prosecution and imprisonment.I would strongly urge others to contact the Met regarding this case. I’ve done it; you can do it too. The more of us stand up and demand action, the more seriously they are likely to view this matter.
Here’s what I wrote:
It has emerged that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon George Osborne MP, has been misusing taxpayers’ money for his own enrichment and for that reason I have been urged to request a criminal investigation concerning fraud. From the evidence that is publicly available, it seems clear that this is an offence according to s.16 of the Theft Act, 1968.
We know that Mr Osborne bought a farmhouse in Cheshire, along with the neighbouring land, for £455,000 in 2000, before he became an MP in 2001. Between 2003 and 2009, he claimed up to £100,000 in expenses to cover mortgage interest payments on both the land and the building. The mortgage was interest-only. After 2003, he never paid a penny himself.
He re-mortgaged in 2005, increasing the amount to £480,000 – again on an interest-only basis – to cover the initial purchase costs and £10,000 for repairs. He was using public money to claw back his outlay on the property so, from then on, we can say that none of the money paid on that building or land was ever paid by Mr Osborne. It all came from the taxpayer.
During the MPs’ expenses scandal of 2009 we learned that he had “flipped” his second home allowance onto the farmhouse building and increased the mortgage. What we didn’t know was that the expenses payments were not just for the house, but for the paddock as well; it is registered separately with the Land Registry.
Mr Osborne sold the house and the land – both of which are now firmly established as having been funded with taxpayers’ money, not his own – last year, for £1 million. That’s more than double the original price. He has pocketed that money; the taxpayer won’t get any of it back.
So he has exploited taxpayers like you and me to make £1 million for himself. This was not a necessary expense to help him discharge his Parliamentary duties; it seems clear that it was a property scam.
I wish also to invite you to take action against this person for any other offences which may apply, such as false accounting (s.17, Theft Act 1968).
Obviously, since the crime relates to expenses claims, the location is wherever MPs’ expenses claims are considered. I would suggest this is the Palace of Westminster (the Houses of Parliament) but I am prepared to be corrected on this.
The victims of this crime are the taxpayers of the UK. Mr Osborne took money that was available to Parliament through taxation, therefore no single person can claim they are the victim but all taxpayers have been affected. Please be reminded that we are discussing a considerable sum of money – up to £100,000.
I refer you to the following press reports of the issue, in which it is made clear that Mr Osborne did not need this building or the adjoining land to discharge his Parliamentary duties, nor did he pay back anything like the amount he claimed, when he was found to have overclaimed for mortgage interest on the farmhouse (and only the farmhouse):
I realise this is an unusual complaint but the situation is the subject of considerable public unrest and I believe it is right to bring it to the attention of the police. There is a widespread feeling that Mr Osborne has committed a crime, that this should be investigated to the fullest extent, and that a criminal action should be brought against him. It is understood that this person holds one of the highest offices in the land but this should not place him above the criminal law.


Sustainable Olympics London 2012

Welcome to “The sustainable Olympics” featuring BP and Dow Chemicals both very generously sponsoring the Para-Olympics. Dow Chemicals - the purchasers of Union Carbide, who created countless disabled people themselves in Bhopal, a staggering ten thousand people killed in the first 70 hours, with generations of birth defects and disablement left in their toxic wake.

Olympics for health - with McDonalds, Coke, and Cadburys.
Having McDonalds as the official restaraunt of the Olympics is an unbelievably cynical exercise in self promotion. A company, who’s McNuggets” have been shown to contain the same chemicals used in breast implants and Silly Putty, elevated to the level of the only Olympic food sponsor of an event that is supposed to be the Acme of health, is perhaps the most asinine aspect of this whole tawdry affair. As a corporation it has suffered much criticism for it’s use of “Pink Slime”… waste animal products saturated in ammonium hydroxide. Some other McNuggets ingredients include
autolyzed yeast extract (similar to MSG), dimethylpolysiloxane (a type of silicone being phased out as a breast implant substance due to safety concern), safflower oil ( often genetically modified), and of course the petroleum derived preservative butylhydroquinone*. Yet our government seems to have no problem allowing this pedlar of ghastly ingredients a proud place at the sponsor’s table - at event supposedly representing the zenith of health and athletic achievement. Shame on them.

Interestingly the medals for the “Sustainable Olympics” are provided by RIo Tinto Zinc. A company that is completely destroying the native population of West Papua, exterminating indigenous communities, using private security firms to brutalise and even kill the native population. Effectively aiding the Indonesian government in committing genocide as well as devastating the local environment with heavy metal pollution. ( This is the company then that is proudly supplying the medals for the "worlds most sustainable games”. Even the medals awarded by Rio Tinto are an tour de force of dishonesty, the gold one is actually made of 6.1% copper, 92.5% silver with a niggardly 1.34 of actual gold… Fortunately for Rio Tinto supplying cheap and bogus medals is hardly an issue - as it’s the taking part that matters.

Thats not to mention, a few other rather rum events surrounding the peoples games. For example the new police powers to enter a person’s house and rip down any anti olympic material (forget the rather quaint, old fashioned requirement for a warrant). Not only that, but now it appears they have been successful in defining the “unauthorised” use of words such as: "summer”, “2012”, “Olympiad” and “Paralympian” as an offence. It seems the British Government really is committed to out doing the Chinese - and not just in terms of the opening ceremony.

Please do not think this is in any way the "peoples games" - it is a shameful corporate advertising junket, with the British taxpayers footing the bill. The land used for the buildings will have changed designation from being a green field site ( protected from development) to being now defined as a “brown field“ site. This enables it to be sold off to private developers in record time after the event. Public land once again will change hands and become private land. The poisonous sponsors are not even required to pay any tax while they are here for their monumentally profitable sojourn destroying the health of the local population.

The real people of Leytonstone are arrested if they protest, and moved out to northern cites like Stoke so as to “gentrify” the area. Gentrification is the real meaning of the word regeneration… getting rid of the poor local inhabitants to make way for expensive developments for the rich. This then is the “peoples” Olympics, the “sustainable” Olympics, a media frenzy glorifying the triumph of a corporate kleptocracy over the indigenous inhabitants.

I really would love to welcome you to “London 2012” but unfortunately even these nouns have now been privatized.


The Global Warming Scam In Brief

al gore global warming scam artist

Al Gore's mutual fund has been investing heavily in this scam. Al Gore is no more a scientist than mickey mouse...and a company called Hara for which Al Gore is a patron is set to make millions from carbon trading.

Sir Maurice Strong senior official at the UN, big fan of world government was secretary general of the 1972 Conference of the Human Eviroment, it (or more correctly “he”) launched the so called green movement at this conference. He was also the first director of the UN environment programme, also the organiser of 1992 Earth Summit in Rio. 

This meeting set the stage for the kioto treaty on green house gas emissions.

 He is another fake... an oil billionaire pretending to be "green" - so as to make even more money, by creating these absurd carbon taxes... making people pay for emitting carbon... what a money spinner

He is also director of the Chicago Climate Exchange... (Now thankfully defunct) which was designed to trade and sell "carbon credits"... the ones that give you "permission to pollute”. 

He was also linked to the United nations oil for food corruption scandal... after which he had to leave the UN and ran off to a high walled high security apartment in Bejing,

Anyway... he established the UN inter governmental panel on climate change... which has produced 4 evaluations of the planet... each worse than the last and each of them more absurd. The trouble is it appears this man has been falsifying data deliberately. His partner Benjamin Santer, oversaw the reports, and it is a matter of record that he removed 5 scientific reports that contradicted global warming. Thus the UN climate change conclusion, was basically a fraud... all dissenting voices removed... 
I have a video of Santer actually saying this himself... there is no doubt the report was fiddled.

This is the single most important report in the world on the subject and it has had half the views redacted.

 Also google "climate gate" its a whole lot of information associated with that that needs mentioning, and I will do so in a later blog. But it does become and increasingly obvious fact that global warming is not science it is religion, and anyone who does not believe will be burned at the stake... no matter how much carbon that process gives off


The Phoney Kony Baloney


whatever you do don't send Invisible Children any money, the whole thing is a con. America is fighting for global control of Africa via its front organisation "Africom". They have realised that while they have been criminally expanding the American empire in the middle east. China has quietly been gaining control in the African continent.

Oil has been discovered in Uganda... lots of it. So the Americans start sending over "military advisors" to control the oil supply.

Obviously they can't say we are sending troops and weapons and soldiers to Africa for no reason. So they hire some extremely dodgy people to make a glossy film about the terrible things happening to children.
A similar sort of technique to the famous "Iraqis are throwing babies out of incubators" speech, that turned out to be totally false propaganda. A Piece tearfully performed by a female relative of the Kuwaiti king (citations available).

Please do some serious research on Invisible Children they are a very shady company. If you actually start researching them you will find some very worrying stuff. They are refusing to give the IRS any information on their funding, or how they are spending it. In short they are a front.

As far as I am aware Kony stopped being a problem on Uganda about 6 years ago. He, as far as I am aware, is no longer in Uganda. Uganda is no longer troubled by him, and is fairly stable.

Ufortunatly for them they also have oil.

America has so far sent troop and weapons over (absolutely no food or aid for children of course... just weapons and troops).

There is a media operation going on to get the American people behind this massive and essentially illegal resources grab, and to do it they fill the screen with stories of poor young children.

If of course they were so worried about young children then they should stop drone attacks, and wouldn't have turned Bagdad to glass during "shock and awe". But then again hypocrisy has it's own peculiar symetry.

Anyway the nub of it is, the American government could give a toss about kids... it's just a cynical film to manipulate primarily teenagers on social media sites, to create a massive groundswell support for another bloody war.... for oil.

Wear your bracelet with pride.

see also these 2 more recent reports:!